Grace …

I wrote last time about how I blew it recently.


And today I want to write about how God restores. He wasn’t mad at me (disappointed maybe) but He restores when we submit, confess, and have an attitude that wants to learn from our mistakes.


Two days later I had another chance to have a different, but similar, potentially difficult conversation. It went differently this time. I whispered, I listened, I asked questions, I tried to hear the heart behind the explanation. I didn’t judge. I didn’t lecture. I wasn’t quick to react …

And God reminded me that some of the “tough” that was gone through a few months prior was actually a blessing from Him….protecting and preparing and helping the shift occur. Reinforcing the good decisions being made and helping with the transition. Blessing the obedience and patiently working out the changes.


And then as I was replaying the conversation later and wondering if I had blown it again … God reminded me through a devotional that I am not Him, He has every situation under control so much better than I ever could….and to trust Him. He’s got this! And He has those I love!


And I was humbled and grateful and felt overwhelming love.


And realized some of the best teachers in this life are life itself. No lecture teaches the way life can.


© Cheri Swalwell 2020

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