Breathe …

This past winter, right before Christmas, I had an extremely busy week. I knew it was going to be busy … and planned for it, but really, even when you plan for “busy,” are you prepared when even more unexpected piles on top of your piles?


I could feel my attitude beginning to crash, and didn’t want that. I truly wanted to have a good attitude and trust God … and since that was my desire inwardly, I needed to show it outwardly. I apologized to God and asked Him to structure my day as only He could.

And boy did He! I got more done not just that day but all week than I had been able to accomplish in a normal week. Our family atmosphere changed from “mom’s stressed” to relaxed and happy-go-lucky and I had more down time at night than usual to recharge with my family.


I love how God takes sometimes our smidgen of obedience and when we totally surrender (schedules, lives, plans) shows us how much He can do with that little piece of obedience.


Have you ever had a day like described above where you needed an attitude adjustment and then God blessed your obedience?


© Cheri Swalwell 2020


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