God rewards obedience … always.

Last fall I had a chance to obey God and submit to my husband in an area where I used to panic … All. The. Time! About a month previous, I had taken a leap of faith and begun working on this area, knowing it was a trigger for me, but wanting to do it God’s way. And, God in His loving way, after giving me a few weeks to practice with little resistance, put this area to the test and let me decide … would I trust Him and in the process submit to my husband too? (Two lessons for the price of one!)


I’ve learned over the last decade that I can trust God in all areas, so I said, “Sure,” and jumped right in. I told my husband I was 100% in agreement with him, but that God was going to have to show up in a big way because naturally speaking, I didn’t see how we would accomplish what needed to be done.

Then I sat back, relaxed, and waited for God to work. He showed up in a big way first … then continued to show up exactly when we needed it, how we needed it, and in the way we needed it.


Four months later, God opened my eyes to what He had done. Not only had He provided exactly what was needed for the time period it was needed, but He blessed our obedience and trust by blessing us above and beyond what we had sacrificed during the “test!”


Only God would ask for obedience … then bless during the obedience and bless even more after the obedience! His economy is always much, much more than we deserve!


© Cheri Swalwell 2020



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