Why does it matter if I listen to God’s nudges?

I’ve been talking for the past few times we’ve been together about God nudges – what they are and how to recognize them. Today I want to talk about why they are so important. Sometimes, when we ignore God nudges, we miss out on opportunities that would bless us. And other times, when we ignore them, it can be more catastrophic.


Today I want to share about two God nudges I listened to – one which blessed me and my family and one which might have saved my and my child’s lives.


Several years ago, I was working as a medical transcriptionist and belonged to a book club where I had the privilege of reading and reviewing Christian books. I loved the group, loved what they did, and was quite content with how life was going.


One January, during my yearly fast, I felt God nudging me to ask the owner if he needed any help, as a volunteer. I wasn’t sure if it really was God or not (I was still new to hearing His nudges at this point) and so I waited two more weeks (until my fasting period was over) asking for more confirmation. I didn’t really hear anything different, so I assumed that meant I was supposed to ask him, although I felt really stupid contacting the owner of the company because we had never had a conversation before … and there was no job for me to apply to.

However, I asked if he needed any help (voluntarily) and his response? “You are an answer to prayer.” I ended up working for him, in a paid position for approximately three years before God called me to a different position in another company. I was blessed thoroughly from working for that wonderful family and am still reaping the benefits years later.


Another time, approximately two years ago, my youngest and I were grocery shopping at night in the winter, when it gets dark early. We were standing in the tea section and a nondescript man was kneeling down looking at various ones. He asked me a question about a certain brand of tea (which was right in front of him, by the way) and after I answered him, I heard in my spirit, “Get your son and walk away, now!” The man didn’t say anything to tip me off (he was talking about taking care of his sick mother) but I knew God was telling me to leave that aisle. We still had quite a list of groceries to get, but I was now in a hurry and felt very unsettled. When we had gotten away from the man, I looked into our child’s eyes so he knew I meant business and told him it was very important he hold onto the cart and stay right with me, no wandering, no looking at things, but within arm’s reach of me until we left.


As we shopped (quickly), whenever I would look up, the man was there, watching us, no matter what aisle we were in. I got more concerned as it got closer to when we had to check out because I did NOT want him following us out to my car (I had parked far away in the dark part of the parking lot). I couldn’t call my husband to come get us, and had been praying the whole time asking God what He wanted me to do. I contemplated trying to find security but felt stupid because I had no proof, just my God nudge that we could be in trouble.


As I was praying, God nudged me again to walk to the other side of the store (away from the doors where we had parked) and use the checkouts down there. As we were walking down there, we ran into a dear friend from church, an older male. I instantly knew God had placed him in the store at that time for us. I chatted with him a few minutes, debating silently if I should check out behind him or continue to where God told us to go. I obeyed God and checked out further down. I had trouble that night with my order and it took longer than usual. As we finished, guess who else had just finished? You guessed it! Our friend.


We started walking out with him and as only God would do, we were parked in the same row! He was up further than us but I had time to look around and didn’t see the man who had been following us earlier. We said goodbye to our friend and we booked it to our car so we could unload our groceries and get in safely. Again, as only God would do, a gigantic van pulled in right next to us as we neared our car, blocking our view completely from the store (no one from the store could see us) and it was a friendly woman who chatted with me until our groceries were safely stowed in our car so she could have our cart! Only God! I’m so glad I listened to His nudges that night because I truly believe He saved our lives.


Those are simply two examples from my life of why I love listening to God’s nudges. Sometimes I get them right, sometimes I miss the mark slightly, but as long as what I think He’s nudging me to do is biblical, most of the time now I start stepping, knowing if I’m headed in the wrong direction, He’ll let me know and steer me back on the course He wants me to take.


What about you? Do you have any of your own nudges you want to share? I’d love to hear them!


© Cheri Swalwell 2020


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