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Around the end of 2019, I could sense God was calling me into a season of heavy writing. I knew I would need to do a lot of “planting my seat in my seat” in order to write the books God wants published. When people ask me what I do, I answer this way: I’m a wife and mother, then writer. In order to get the writing done, as well as producing well in the other two jobs I have, I am in hibernation mode so that when the kids are in school and my husband is at work, I’m at my computer. That means saying “no” to a lot of healthy, fun, good things.


Opportunities, though, keep coming across my computer screen or suggested by friends and it’s important to me I’m not missing out on doors God wants to open for me, but also not to get distracted by doors that He thinks are better left closed, for me, in this season.


Because I don’t always know which is which, I told God anytime He allowed an opportunity that was biblical and could be from Him, I would begin to pursue it, and wait for Him to either open the door wider or close it firmly.

The second week of January was my first test. I became aware of two writing contests. For someone trying to break into the world of fiction as an indie author, this could be a good thing. I put the information on my computer to study closer and when I did, I realized the amount of time it would take me to get things ready for the contest was counterproductive and a better use of the time would be to continue with the goals God had for me to work now and maybe pursue those contests next year when I had more experience, and a finished manuscript, under my belt. It was really easy to push away and say “no” because I knew God was closing the door, for now.


I may have another opportunity as well. I was presented the idea today and I’m waiting … praying, seeking godly counsel from my husband, and waiting to see if God says this is the best “yes” for our family or once again, this isn’t the time. And again, I have peace.


It’s important to stay alert for when God opens doors for us to walk through them and not miss the blessings He wants to give. But it’s equally important to be willing to walk away when (or if) He makes it abundantly clear this isn’t the best “yes” for you and/or family at this season (or maybe never).


For me, I know what season God has me in, a busy writing season, and it’s important for me not to get distracted from that goal … while keeping my eyes open and willing to try doorknobs in case God is wanting to open some doors for me along the way, doors that are the best fit for our family.


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