Prayer jar with a twist …

I have an amazing prayer partner. She has taught me so much and we have grown together in the last few years when it comes to our prayer life. This year she gifted our family with a beautiful prayer jar. It’s clear glass and the entire design is beautiful.


The idea is to write your prayers down on a piece of paper, pray over them, put them in the jar and then leave the prayer in God’s hands. I decided I wanted to practice this awesome idea … with a twist. I made construction paper hearts (because it reminds me of God’s love and I love colorful things), and when I write my prayer requests, I’m writing them in the form of “thank You, Father, for …” showing God I’m standing in faith that He has whatever is on my heart and mind already taken care of and I’m done worrying about it.

This is an ongoing activity in our family, one I hope the whole family joins in, and then my desire is for us to open the jar in December (around Christmas time) and read through the prayer requests and see how many God has answered throughout the year and how many we need to put back in the jar to wait for God’s answer still to come.


Is this activity something you’d like to do with your family too? If so, leave a comment below and we can do it together!


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