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Planting Seeds … Weeds or Plants?

This year I decided I wanted to “plant seeds.” I wanted to be used of God to sprinkle His truth, His love, His message of salvation to whoever was ready to hear it, and then let the Holy Spirit take over from there.


As the year has passed, I realized I’ve always been a seed planter. Everything that comes out of my mouth plants a seed.


If I’m sarcastic, I’m planting a weed in the heart or mind of someone.


If I plant a compliment or share God’s love with someone, I’m planting a seed God can use to open someone’s eyes to the gift of salvation He offers.

My heart this year is to always be used on the continuum of the harvest. Will I be used to plant the seed, water the seed, or get to be part of the harvest of actually sitting with someone and leading them through the prayer of salvation? It doesn’t matter to me where I fall, but I want to be used by God as often as He wants to use me.


So I’ve started asking myself before I open my mouth: am I planting weeds with what I’m about to say, or am I part of planting seeds toward the kingdom of God today?


I pray when this year is over, I’ve planted far more seeds pointing people toward God, then weeds, drawing them away from God.


Have you ever thought about the concept that everything we say either plants a weed or a seed?


© Cheri Swalwell 2020



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