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About the Book:

Book:  Say & Pray Bible

Author: Diane Stortz

Genre:  Bible stories, board book

Release Date: 2015

Curl up together and experience the Bible in a fresh, new way. Young children will enjoy pointing to and naming objects on each page for early learning. Most important, they’ll discover favorite, age-appropriate Bible stories, with Scripture verses and short prayers that also hide God’s Word in young hearts.

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About the Author

Diane Stortz is a multipublished author who writes to make God’s wonders known to the next generation. Her children’s releases include the best-selling Say & Pray Bible and I AM: 40 Reasons to Trust God, both from Tommy Nelson. Diane’s books for women, A Woman’s Guide to Reading the Bible in a Year and Encountering God’s Heart for You, both from Bethany House, encourage women to get to know God through His Word, the Bible. Diane and her husband have two married daughters and five grandchildren—all boys! Visit her at www.DianeStortz.com.


More from Diane

Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved his books. Long before he could talk, he loved turning pages, looking at the pictures, hearing his grandpa name the objects in the pictures, and pointing to those objects.


And once upon a time there was a grandma looking for a truly age-appropriate Bible storybook for that same little boy. And the best ones she found still contained too many words.


And she wondered . . .


Why not write a Bible storybook that could be designed especially for babies, toddlers, and young preschoolers? With the shortest stories you’ve ever seen, and with labeled objects and people in the illustrations that little ones could point to and name?


That’s how my book Say & Pray Bible began.


I wanted a book with age-appropriate, SHORT Bible stories. Babies and toddlers LOVE turning pages. Listening to long stories has to wait until they’re older.


I wanted short Bible verses and prayers to go with the very short stories.


And I wanted the illustrations to have lots of LABELED objects to encourage little ones to point and name.


Some days you might just read the stories. Another day, just the verses. Yet another reading, just the prayers. And some days, you might just talk about the pictures.


Most children begin to say single words with meaning, always nouns, at 12–18 months. This is the stage when children can point to—and eventually name—photos or illustrations of objects in their books.


Around 24 months, children begin to say two-word, noun plus verb sentences, such as “Cat run.” In time, sentences become longer and include adjectives and adverbs, but no function words: “Big cat run fast.” Last to develop is the use of function words (such as the and an) and more complex sound combinations and sentence forms.


Human beings seem to be hardwired to acquire language and learn to speak—evidence that, as the Bible says, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139). But there’s a lot we can do to help little ones develop language skills and expose them to God’s Word at the same time!


My Review of Say and Pray Bible:

The Say and Pray Bible is a wonderful book. It’s perfect for little ones, who are just learning language because the passages are short, the pictures are colorful and bring God’s Word to life, and the words printed throughout the book help little ones identify various words and objects. However, it’s also great for kids learning how to read. With the short passages, it introduces children to the books and verses of the Bible (how verses are broken down), helps them recognize and learn how to read by identifying words, pictures, etc. and reinforces the stories hopefully they have been learning since before they could talk. I love, love, love this book and will be recommending it to many of my friends for their children and grandchildren.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit but was not under any obligation to write a review. All opinions are strictly mine.



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Today is my birthday! I’m not usually one who announces my birthday on social media or even reminds my friends, but there’s a great reason I’m talking about it today. I realize there are many friends here that may not know much about me, or the books I write. And I think now is a great time to change that.


You see, I envision us being friends. Some of us already are friends and other of us just met. In order to build, or grow, our friendship, we need to get to know each other. I’ll begin, and hope you join in the conversation.


One of the best ways I thought to help you get to know me is to share a little bit about the different books my family has helped me publish and the story behind the stories!


Each of the covers for all of the books are photos our family has taken ourselves or friends and/or extended family have taken and given me permission to use. It was important to me that the pictures reflected a little bit of our life … and a whole lot of God’s magnificence!

One fun fact about me is that I de-stress and relax the most when spending time with God in His background, the nature He created, appreciating the beauty of it all.


One cover, Hope During Heartache, is the exception to the “rule” above. The lady who allowed me the opportunity to use her picture was a virtual stranger. I’ll share more about the story behind that picture in the upcoming weeks.


For the next few months, I thought it might be fun to introduce one book each post, and let you know the behind the scenes of how it came to be published.

For now, though, let’s celebrate! If you’d like a birthday present from me, head over to www.cheriswalwell.com and if you sign up for my email list, I’ll send you a free eBook, my most popular one, Spoken from the Heart: Choosing Grace. It has 32 days of encouragement from me to you!

In the meantime, though, how about replying in the comments with one fact or funny tidbit about yourself that you’d like me and the rest of the group to know about you?


© Cheri Swalwell 2020



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