Today is my Birthday … and I want to give YOU a Present!

Today is my birthday! I’m not usually one who announces my birthday on social media or even reminds my friends, but there’s a great reason I’m talking about it today. I realize there are many friends here that may not know much about me, or the books I write. And I think now is a great time to change that.


You see, I envision us being friends. Some of us already are friends and other of us just met. In order to build, or grow, our friendship, we need to get to know each other. I’ll begin, and hope you join in the conversation.


One of the best ways I thought to help you get to know me is to share a little bit about the different books my family has helped me publish and the story behind the stories!


Each of the covers for all of the books are photos our family has taken ourselves or friends and/or extended family have taken and given me permission to use. It was important to me that the pictures reflected a little bit of our life … and a whole lot of God’s magnificence!

One fun fact about me is that I de-stress and relax the most when spending time with God in His background, the nature He created, appreciating the beauty of it all.


One cover, Hope During Heartache, is the exception to the “rule” above. The lady who allowed me the opportunity to use her picture was a virtual stranger. I’ll share more about the story behind that picture in the upcoming weeks.


For the next few months, I thought it might be fun to introduce one book each post, and let you know the behind the scenes of how it came to be published.

For now, though, let’s celebrate! If you’d like a birthday present from me, head over to and if you sign up for my email list, I’ll send you a free eBook, my most popular one, Spoken from the Heart: Choosing Grace. It has 32 days of encouragement from me to you!

In the meantime, though, how about replying in the comments with one fact or funny tidbit about yourself that you’d like me and the rest of the group to know about you?


© Cheri Swalwell 2020



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