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Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith was the first book our family self-published. I remember the day we took the cover picture because it holds significance to the contents of the book itself.

This picture was taken late fall of 2013, a year that had been quite eventful. In the spring, God spoke to both my husband and I (separately) that it was time to change churches. We obeyed and took that first step. We ended up visiting our current church and immediately knew this was where God wanted us to put down roots.

That summer, God invited me to a Bible study about giving up fear. Ironically, I was too afraid to attend the first week! However, after that week, I faithfully attended because I didn’t want fear ruling my life.

During the 6-week Bible study, I learned I would be losing one-third of my income by fall. Instead of God replacing my income, He started me on a journey of learning to trust Him with our finances, a job, our income, etc.

My husband and I were also reading The Blessed Life, by Robert Morris, which taught how to give God our firsts. As God was decreasing my income, He was asking us to faithfully bring Him 10%. We obeyed.

On a Sunday afternoon, we were predicted to get a huge storm, potentially a tornado, complete with power outages. With all my fear issues, I couldn’t handle a physical storm with all the uncertainty of my income already surrounding me.

I was so afraid that afternoon of the potential risk to my family’s physical safety, I convinced us to head downstairs and start cleaning the basement – partly to stay out of the path of the expected tornado and partly to keep my mind off the weather.

Within the next one to two hours, as we were hauling the garbage up from our cleanup, my husband called me outside to see God’s handiwork. Right outside our door was the brilliant sky shown on the cover of our first book.

Every time I look at that cover, I’m reminded how God heard my prayer of “Please, spare us from this storm. We have too many other storms we’re dealing with right now,” and He answered, “Yes.”

God allowed the storm to pass that random Sunday afternoon without any damage, I think, as another way to show me I can trust Him to take care of every storm that comes into our lives.

The stories between the pages of Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith reflect my discovery of that truth.

Have you ever dealt with unexplained (or in my case, irrational) fear in your life? What is one thing that has worked above all others?


Maybe you don’t suffer with fear but instead have asked God to please take away the storms you’re dealing with currently because you can’t deal with one more.


Please share by hitting reply. I’d love to continue this conversation with you.


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