Spoken from the Heart: Taking it to the Next Level

Here’s a fun fact you might not have known about the Spoken from the Heart series. Two of its books were actually published by a small company in December 2012. They were sold under a different title: A 40-Day Habit Between Friends.

I’m so grateful for that experience. Without it, I don’t think God would’ve given me the confidence for our family to pursue self-publishing, and self-publishing is definitely a family ministry. The first book was republished as Spoken from the Heart: Taking it to the Next Level, in February 2014.

While this was officially the second book our family self-published, it was the first book of 32 devotions I wrote. The title actually came from a great friend of mine, the same talented woman who graciously took all the headshots I still use today. She kept telling me she was helping me “take it to the next level,” and that phrase stuck!

Taking it to the next level was significant for this book for a variety of reasons. It was during a period in my life when God was nudging me to take our relationship “to the next level,” which included our family taking our ministry “to the next level,” even though we had no idea what that meant. We chose to obey even though we didn’t have the complete map.

Every time I see the cover picture, I’m reminded of that summer and fall when God gave our family back the gift of taking regular hikes. At that time in our lives, God used that form of family exercise to help me take my physical health “to the next level” as well.

This book holds many great memories for me. That picture was taken during one of our regular Sunday afternoon hikes at our favorite park close to our house.

If you are exploring a relationship with God and want to “take it to the next level,” I’d like to invite you to start with this one. I would also suggest reading Spoken from the Heart: Digging Deeper directly following because it might bless you as well.

Have you ever been invited by God to “take (an area of your life) to the next level?” If so, what was it and how did you respond? Please share with the group by hitting reply. I’d love to continue this conversation with you. 

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