Spoken from the Heart: God’s Joy Lasts a Lifetime

While this whole four book series is one of my favorites in the Spoken from the Heart series, Spoken from the Heart: God’s Joy Lasts a Lifetime holds special meaning to me. This book is the one where I share how God miraculously healed me from depression.


While it seems to have taken a very short time, the reality is I prayed diligently for His healing for five years … and then, you’ll have to read for yourself what happened. You can find the whole testimony from Days 9 through 12.


I also share more layers God revealed to me about obedience (Days 18 through 20), and then sprinkled throughout the book, I share how God started bringing joy back into my life … and how that wasn’t possible until He first addressed the depression.


Do you ever notice how each lesson we learn piggybacks from other lessons? And how when we look back, we notice we couldn’t have learned a particular lesson until the previous lesson was firmly cemented into our hearts? That’s how it goes for me, and I explain that in more detail on Day 14.

The cover for this book was gifted to us by my husband’s childhood friend, and our whole family is now privileged to call him and his wife family as well. I love how the beautiful colors are reflected off the lake and it speaks “joy” to me.


Maybe circumstances in your life have taken your joy away. Maybe you find it difficult to smile and remember the blessings God continues to share with you. Maybe this book will help encourage you as you spend time with Him, asking Him to bring joy back into your life. You might be surprised at the way He answers; trust me though when I say His answers and His timing are always perfect.

What are some little things in life that bring you joy? What are some big things you’re grateful God has given you? Please share with us by hitting reply. I’d love to continue this conversation with you. 

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