I’m a Survivor fan … and a homebody.

Did anyone watch the season this past spring where previous winners were on again? I have always been drawn to the love story between Rob and Amber. And when Amber talked about how she hated Extinction Island but loved it at the same time, I sat up and took notice. Extinction Island gave her a chance to stop and “do nothing,” using that time to think, feel and breathe. She described it as a time of refreshment.

I found the time during the mandatory “shelter in place, stay at home orders” refreshing as well. While I worked harder that first 6 weeks than I had in a while, I still had time to take a breath, realign some priorities, and enjoy more time with my family. We got into some routines that we still enjoy today. And as life has started to get busy again, I find myself resisting jumping in to the point of exhaustion anymore.

There are lessons I learned during that time that I don’t want to forget. As things open up, school returns this fall, and eventually things get “back to normal,” I don’t want to lose the benefits I learned from the blessing of the quiet we were given.

What lessons did you learn during our shelter in place time in 2020? What habits did you start (or already have but enjoy more) that you want to keep going?

© Cheri Swalwell 2020

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