My goal is to approach life trusting that God is using every situation I find myself in for His greater good and He will take care of the messy details.

For Christmas last year, my prayer partner gave my family and me a prayer jar. We started the new year putting prayer requests in there, and I took it a step further and started thanking God ahead of time for the answers I knew we would see.

In March, I put the prayer requests aside and decided I wanted to turn that jar into a blessings jar instead … I was determined that throughout the chaos we found ourselves in, which I believed would be short-lived, our family would focus on the blessings instead of focusing on all the things that were being taken away.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t acknowledge the things our children had to give up, or the things my husband and I were forced to let go. But instead of staying stuck in that mindset, it was important to me to focus on the blessings we were receiving, and they were many. This Christmas season, I want us to pull out the blessings jar and read through all the blessings God has given us, big and small, in 2020 as a reminder of how good He is and how He can turn messy situations into masterpieces, if we simply pay attention.

What’s one situation in your life that God has turned into a blessing?


© Cheri Swalwell 2020

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