“Obedience. This was the measure of how Abraham feared God — that he did what God had directed even when it seemed to be counterproductive to the fulfillment of God’s promise to him.”

Over a decade ago I had a conversation with God about wanting my life, and that of my family’s, to mean something. I wanted us to do something important for Him … I didn’t care what we did, but I wanted it to count and when He told us, we would walk in that direction.

God heard that heartfelt conversation and chose the direction of writing and speaking. In 2011, I started a blog, began the journey of writing and was positive God would have me be a traditionally published fiction writer within two years. (I’m sure God and I will have a great laugh about that in Heaven someday.)

Instead, He asked me to give up fiction altogether and focus on self-publishing nonfiction. I made the only choice I could … I said yes. For 7 years, I focused on nonfiction and published 25 books.

In 2018, God started giving me back fiction. And the one book I wrote as a standalone the fall of 2011? It’s now a 6-book series about a whole community, showing how God can take the messiness of life and turn it into blessings.

I have another three-book series already outlined and ready for me to write when I wrap up The Redemption of Green Pines series. I still have at least two more nonfiction books in my heart to write as well.

By following God’s path instead of mine, I believe it has made my writing deeper, more meaningful and more encouraging to those who choose to read it. I am able to share more life experiences intermixed throughout the pages of imaginary friends and share the lessons God has taught me through the lives of my characters.

Is there something God has called you to give up, that maybe you don’t want to? That you’re afraid you’ll never get back? Maybe you will…maybe you won’t, but I know with certainty doing it His way will bring about the greatest blessings!


© Cheri Swalwell 2020

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