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Widening my Focus

I hate to admit it, but when it feels like life is throwing issues at me left and right, and I barely have time to recover from one assault before being slammed with another (and sometimes they do come all at once), my focus tends to grow narrow. I focus on how to get relief for myself … and forget that others are sometimes also affected by the same issues.

Last time we were together I spoke about the storm that came through our town on June 10th. My parents happened to be picking up one of our kids to spend a few days with them, and we decided to pray together before leaving, since we weren’t sure if the storms were over or we were having a reprieve before the next round.

Listening to both of them pray for our family, they were very specific about praying for everyone in the community, everyone’s safety and return of power to each residence. I was humbled … I had been focused on our needs and while I truly care about everyone, I needed that reminder to pray specifically for others, not just those I know personally.

I’m glad my parents were here to model the focus I had forgotten. It was a gentle reminder from my Heavenly Father who knows my heart. He knows I do care about everyone … I just needed to be reminded to be audible about it.

Has your focus ever narrowed while you’re walking in a valley season (meaning during a time when the inconveniences of life seem to come all bundled up together?) What do you do to keep your focus wide enough to pray for others and not just yourself?


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