The Joy of Looking Up

Literally and figuratively.

I spoke last time how God got my attention and I need to start taking better care of my health. I had decided last night I was going to slow down today and work at 75% my normal pace … taking time to enjoy what I’m doing instead of rushing through.

As a result, after another longer-than-usual quiet time, I had the chance to serve my husband and go replenish the gas so when he comes home, he can refill the generator without delay. Our son went with me and I decided to buy him a donut, and my father-in-law a donut and some hot coffee since my in-laws don’t have power either.

Then I sat outside for a few minutes to try and connect with my prayer partner. While we missed each other, I was able to admire the bullfrog our son caught and then later take a break and hold a dragonfly he had caught as well.

In two hours, I’ll be sitting outside again, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, the light breeze today (not the 70 mph wind gusts from yesterday) and a great book.

I’m so glad God invited me to take time today to look up … literally and figuratively.

How about you? Do you find joy in the little things in life? What are some things that bring you joy?


© Cheri Swalwell 2020

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