Celebrate Lit Review Blog Tour for To Steal a Heart by Jen Turano

About the Book Book:  To Steal a Heart Author: Jen Turano Genre: Comedic Historical Romance Release Date: November 2020 After spending her childhood as a street thief, Gabriella Goodhue thought she’d put her past behind her until a fellow resident at her boardinghouse is unjustly accused of theft. Using her old skills to prove herContinue reading “Celebrate Lit Review Blog Tour for To Steal a Heart by Jen Turano”

A Thanksgiving to Forget

A Thanksgiving to Forget (A Short story included in the paperback version of Journey Back Home when you buy a copy today on Amazon) What happens when a four-legged friend comes to visit when Jace and Simone invite both sides of their family over for their first married Thanksgiving? Do you have some fun ThanksgivingContinue reading “A Thanksgiving to Forget”

Meet Holly – Day 7 of 7 Days of Prizes

Today is the last day and I’ve loved having you learn more about the Coopers. Let me introduce you to Holly. Her day job is owner of a successful party planning business, Come to the Table. After working for years to get it up and running, she now has time to volunteer at the church,Continue reading “Meet Holly – Day 7 of 7 Days of Prizes”

Meet Olivia – Day 6 of 7 Days of Prizes

Here’s Olivia, the baby of the family. When Journey Back Home begins, Olivia is still an infant but readers will love watching her personality blossom as they turn the pages. A beautiful child matching her beautiful name … except when it comes to sleeping through the night. She hasn’t figured that one out yet! WithContinue reading “Meet Olivia – Day 6 of 7 Days of Prizes”

Meet Logan – Day 5 of 7 Days of Prizes

Logan, the Loganator, is the youngest boy in the Cooper household. His passion for wrestling collides with his love of cuddles. At only three, he’s still developing his personality and readers alike will enjoy watching him grow and develop his interests and unique personality throughout the series. Part stubborn, part sweet, Logan’s favorite ice creamContinue reading “Meet Logan – Day 5 of 7 Days of Prizes”

Celebrate Lit Review Promo Blast for Help from Heaven by Andrea Jo Rodgers

About the Book Book: Help from Heaven Author: Andrea Jo Rodgers Genre: Christian Non-fiction Release Date: September 1, 2020 Do You Believe in Miracles? Experience the heart-pounding drama of real-life emergencies. Veteran EMT and physical therapist Andrea Jo Rodgers shares this all-new collection of accounts from her 30-plus years as a volunteer with her town’s localContinue reading “Celebrate Lit Review Promo Blast for Help from Heaven by Andrea Jo Rodgers”

Meet Chloe – Day 4 of 7 Days of Prizes

Anyone been called a “sassy second child?” Meet Chloe, oldest daughter but second child of Jace and Simone: Chloe. As beautiful as her name, she’s part sweet and part spice with a mind of her own. She has a habit of speaking before she thinks! Two years younger than Noah, she thinks she should haveContinue reading “Meet Chloe – Day 4 of 7 Days of Prizes”

Meet Noah – Day 3 of 7 Days of Prizes

Meet Noah, the oldest child of Jace and Simone. He’s entering into his middle school years and his personality takes after his mom. He’s on the introverted side, which means he’d rather not have his picture taken. However, when he’s with people he trusts, his dad’s sense of humor and love of life shines through.Continue reading “Meet Noah – Day 3 of 7 Days of Prizes”