4 Replies to “Gratefulness”

  1. I am grateful that my Mom is out of a rehab center. We will be able to be together for the holidays. We are waiting for insurance approval for her to have an electric wheelchair.

  2. Walking that road recently with one of my relatives, I can appreciate your gratefulness from an even more personal level. I’m so glad you get to be together over the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas just got “merrier,” didn’t they? 🙂 Praising God with you, Debra! Praying for insurance approval as well.

  3. I am grateful that my family is together. My Mom had been in a rehab unit for seven weeks after a fall. She is home. We are adjusting to a new normal. She is now in a wheelchair. We are awaiting for an approval for an electric wheelchair. She has some memory issues from her fall. We are so grateful and happy to be back together as a family.

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