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  1. We also have always gone to Christmas Eve service together. It’s impossible to say if we will still be able to hold the service this year with Covid restrictions. The one other thing that our family does is sharing the same Christmas morning breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls. My Momma and the woman who lived next door as I was growing up took turns making the rolls. It is the one tradition we still keep up today.

    1. What FUN traditions! We also love to go to the Christmas Eve service as a family. Our church is holding it in person and on line this year – we registered for tickets for the in person. I can’t wait.

      My mom used to always make homemade cinnamon rolls (her mom would call them “sticky buns”). We don’t make those anymore (lots of work) but we do have cinnamon rolls from somewhere every Christmas morning. A family favorite for sure

      Thanks for sharing, Deb!

  2. Christmas 2020 will be different but memorable one.
    We just got to remember the true reason for the season and deal some way with the problems life throws at us.

    1. Agree 100%, Crystal. This year is the best year to remember why we celebrate Christmas. It’s not the gifts or even the food traditions, but it’s remembering WHY Jesus came to earth for us (to offer us salvation). Maybe this year will be a great shifting back to why we celebrate Christmas and WHO we celebrate at Christmas. Thank you, Crystal, for that reminder. šŸ™‚

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