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DAY TWO: Trail to Forgiveness 7-Day Road Trip to Green Pines GRAND PRIZE

Meet Pastor Paul Culver – Jace’s best friend and co-pastor of all things youth.

You first meet Pastor Paul Culver, Jace’s best friend and co-pastor with the middle and high school students in Journey Back Home, along with his wife, Teresa, and their two children: Paul Jr. (PJ) and Marianne. Paul has been a faithful friend to Jace throughout, speaking truth in love and keeping his friend grounded. In Trail to Forgiveness, he steps up even more to encourage Jace when accusations in the church are flying faster than wayward footballs during youth group.

Teresa and Simone were close, so she’s still dealing with the grief that comes from losing her best friend. Can Teresa open her heart to Holly as Jace’s girlfriend, and possible wife, or is that place held sacred by Simone’s memory?

And what about PJ, Noah’s confidant? Something sinister is brewing in the youth group, but the boys remain tight-lipped. Will they reveal the secret before it’s too late?

If you’d like a chance to win the grand prize (ONE signed paperback and two eBooks of Books 1-3 AND a $15 Amazon gift card), simply ask your local library to buy The Redemption of Pine Greens series for their collection OR tell your friends what you liked most about any of the books. Then email me and let me know what you did to be entered into the grand prize drawing.

Want to know more about Trail to Forgiveness, the special eBook price, and the gift with purchase? Click Here.

Here’s a preview of the fun for the rest of the week. Come back tomorrow for another chance to enter to win the grand prize!

If you missed day one, be sure to read about Pastor Mark here

Here’s a preview of the fun for the rest of the week:

March 11th – Learn more about Elder Edwin Richards

March 12th – Learn more about Officer David Grinwich

March 13th – Learn more about Shannon (the babysitter)

March 14th – Learn more about Amanda (Holly’s best friend)

March 15th –  Learn more about Addie, Wynn, Zane & Owen. Email me and let me know which library you requested to buy The Redemption of Green Pines series 

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