DAY FOUR: Trail to Forgiveness 7-Day Road Trip to Green Pines GRAND PRIZE

Meet Officer David Grinwich – Brother-in-Christ, husband, father, police officer, & youth group volunteer.

Officer David Grinwich. Whenever he would show up in Journey Back Home, Jace would shudder. However, they’ve since become friends and Officer Dave is now one of Jace’s closest allies. Pastor Jace, Pastor Paul, and Officer Dave have formed a great friendship, one that they will soon discover is needed to protect the youth from a small group who are trying to destroy it from the inside out. It will take all of Officer Dave’s strong undercover detective work to solve the sinister plan that is threatening to destroy Pastor Jace’s reputation and his family.

If you’d like a chance to win the grand prize (ONE signed paperback and two eBooks of Books 1-3 AND a $15 Amazon gift card), simply ask your local library to buy The Redemption of Pine Greens series for their collection OR tell your friends what you liked most about any of the books. Simply email me and let me know what you did to be entered into the grand prize drawing.

Want to know more about Trail to Forgiveness, the special eBook price, and the gift with purchase? Click Here.

Want to meet more of the community of Green Pines? If you missed a few days, you can catch up at the links provided! While we stop to stretch our legs, grab your favorite blanket and a copy of Journey Back Home to discover how Shannon Puckett became Jace’s new babysitter. See you tomorrow for another chance to win a great prize!

If you missed Day One, be sure to read about Pastor Mark here

If you missed Day Two, be sure to read about Pastor Paul Culver here

If you missed Day Three, be sure to read about Elder Edwin Richards here

Here’s a preview of the fun for the rest of the week:

March 13th – Learn more about Shannon (the babysitter)

March 14th – Learn more about Amanda (Holly’s best friend)

March 15th –  Learn more about Addie, Wynn, Zane & Owen. Email me and let me know which library you requested to buy The Redemption of Green Pines series  …

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  1. I really like Officer Dave and enjoyed reading how his character changed throughout the series! He is a good characterization showing how God can make changes in a person after accepting Christ as Savior. I love the way you entwined him into the storyline and the life of Jace as the story went along.

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