DAY SIX: Trail to Forgiveness 7-Day Road Trip to Green Pines GRAND PRIZE

Meet Amanda – Holly’s best friend and Sister in Christ, wife, mother and pregnancy counselor in Peritville

Amanda is married to Luke and they were high school sweethearts. They have two children, Hope Michelle and Charlie. In Adventure’s Invitation, Holly invited Amanda and Luke to pull up roots and move with her, but back then God was telling them to stay put. Now? They’re not so sure. Seems as though some people in their small community won’t let them move beyond past mistakes and they feel as though God is telling them to get ready for something big. The question is does the answer move them closer to Green Pines or further away?

If you’d like a chance to win the grand prize (ONE signed paperback and two eBooks of Books 1-3 AND a $15 Amazon gift card), simply ask your local library to buy The Redemption of Pine Greens series for their collection OR tell your friends what you liked most about any of the books. Simply email me and let me know what you did to be entered into the grand prize drawing.

Want to know more about Trail to Forgiveness, the special eBook price, and the gift with purchase? Click Here.

You’ve met all the grownups, but it’s time to meet the fun-loving foursome that captured the heart of Holly. You were first introduced to Addie, Wynn, Zane and Owen in Journey Back Home. Grab your own copy of Journey Back Home for this last leg of our adventure to see how close this tight-knit group is.

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Come back tomorrow for the last day of fun and a chance to enter:

March 15th –  Learn more about Addie, Wynn, Zane & Owen

Email me and let me know which library you requested to buy The Redemption of Green Pines series  …

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