DAY SEVEN: Trail to Forgiveness 7-Day Road Trip to Green Pines GRAND PRIZE

Meet Addie, Wynn, Zane and Owen – best friends, co-workers and great babysitters of the Cooper kids.

I can’t believe our road trip is coming to an end. I’ve loved introducing you to the community of Green Pines (with a side trip to Peritville!) and some of their great members. Meet Addie, Wynn, Zane and Owen. They grew up together, attending the same school and all but Wynn attending the same church. Addie invited Wynn to youth group their senior year and that’s when the friendship of this foursome grew even deeper. When they graduated high school, Holly offered them a job at Come to the Table because when the four of them are together, they are unstoppable.

From the outside, it looks like they are living their best life. But what secret is Wynn hiding that she’s afraid to tell even her closest friends? And why is she so adamantly against marriage? What isn’t she telling us?

If you’d like a chance to win the grand prize (ONE signed paperback and two eBooks of Books 1-3 AND a $15 Amazon gift card), simply ask your local library to buy The Redemption of Pine Greens series for their collection OR tell your friends what you liked most about any of the books. Simply email me and let me know what you did to be entered into the grand prize drawing.

Want to know more about Trail to Forgiveness, the special eBook price, and the gift with purchase? Click Here.

Thanks for taking a road trip with me. It’s always more fun with friends! In case you missed meeting the members of Green Pines (and Peritville), be sure to stop by and learn about each of them and to enter their specific giveaway!

Meet Pastor Mark here

Meet Pastor Paul Culver here

Meet Elder Edwin Richards here

Meet Officer David Grinwich here

Meet Shannon (the babysitter) here

Meet Amanda (Holly’s best friend) here 

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