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Boy, I don’t know about you but there are a lot of opinions floating around right now. I can’t remember a time when we’ve had so many points of view, and sadly, conflicting information presented to us. So, how, as a Christ follower, are we supposed to walk in faith, and how, if we’re parents, are we supposed to lead our children down the right path?

Actually the answer is pretty simple. Go to the Word. The Bible. The real source of wisdom for all times, not just today’s society.

Six years ago God invited me to read the Old Testament in a year. Then to do it again the following year. Two years ago He invited me to read the whole Bible in a year. Last year I read through the Old Testament again, this time with two of our children. Now I know why.

God knew 2020 would come in fast and furious and turn our world upside down. He also knew it was more easily survived if I was grounded in His truth and had knowledge of where to look for answers in between the numerous pages. I reread many of His promises; I reread many of His miracles. I reread the different ways God saved His children many different times, over hundreds of years. I finally saw “the big picture” God lays out for us from Genesis through Revelation. And because I had obeyed and read His word multiple times, I was able to come back to His peace, His joy, His hope quicker than I would have otherwise. I was also able to keep standing in faith and I saw tangibly how my trust in God has grown over the past six years.

Because of the relationship I have built with my Father, and by repeatedly immersing myself in His Word, I am then able to encourage others. First, through what I’ve read and understand, and then pointing them to go read it for themselves.

This year? I decided I didn’t want to follow a plan because I wanted more freedom about what and where to read. Currently I’m re-reading about Moses, Pharoah and the great deliverance from Egypt. There are so many details of that story I had forgotten. I reread Esther, I’m thinking of going and re-reading Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as well. I’ve also fallen in love with the Psalms. Another book I love reading is John because it so beautifully gives a wonderful example of how Jesus lived on this earth and how I need to be modeling His style. Two other favorite books of mine are Acts and Romans.

It’s good to talk with others, but there are so many opinions out there, by friends, family, and others. There’s nothing wrong with hearing what they have to say. But, it’s a good idea to keep God’s Word as your main source of what’s true. When we do that, God gives us wisdom, possibly even giving us the words to help others find His truth, too.

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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