Mom Ears

I was on a Zoom call with a friend the other day and without missing a beat, spoke into the background, “Don’t eat those, they are for dessert,” before finishing my sentence to her. She laughingly replied, “I didn’t even know there was anyone back there.”

My reply, “I heard the aluminum foil rattle and knew the child’s intent. Mom ears.”

I’ve wanted to be a wife and mother since seven years old. I always desired to have that as my full-time vocation. Yet, God had other plans. I’ve written before about how He knew if I was a full-time stay at home mom, my kids would be smothered, my husband would be too, and I would probably drive them all crazy.

Instead, God has given me multiple jobs and a passion to write and speak, encouraging others by pointing them to God, the only One who can heal, save, restore, and bring true peace.

However, one of the gifts God has given me is a love for little ones. For six years I owned my own daycare and was paid to be a “mom” to many all week. I loved that time in my life. Any child that was enrolled in the daycare was automatically a member of our family.

I think it’s because of that gift, my “mom ears” are fine-tuned. I realize that was a season in my life, and I’m now in another season, but a love for children is something our whole family embraces. We used to serve in our church’s children ministry, taking care of infants through two year olds. It’s something we’re good at, and it’s a way God has used us

Who knows? God might use those “Mom ears” in a different capacity down the road. I’m glad to know they still work!

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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