It Begins with a Mindset. A Choice.

Last time we talked about where our focus lies: on life’s problems or God’s promises? You might be wondering … how do I learn to focus on God’s promises since focusing on life’s problems feels easier.

There are five things we can do to keep our focus on God’s PROMISES instead of life’s problems.

Today…I want to talk about how it begins with a mindset. A choice.

When you woke up this morning, was your agenda already running through your mind? All the things you had to do for work, maybe classes you are taking, family responsibilities, relationship issues. Were you tired before your feet even hit the floor?

What if…you shifted your focus, your mindset?

For me…before I even get out of bed in the morning, my husband and I pray together. About our kids, our family, our schedule, our day, our safety and the nation. It keeps us unified in our goals and helps us pray for each other throughout the day. Most importantly, it reminds us Who’s in charge today and that we can relax because He has everything under control.

That unexpected shift in your schedule? He already knew it was coming. Give it to Him – He’s got the solution. The unexpected news? The extra work? That bill you weren’t planning on? God’s got that too. Give it to Him and watch how He wants to work.

No matter what you find yourself dealing with today, this week…I want to encourage you to practice giving it to Him and watching how He takes care of it for you. Shift your focus from “How will I deal with this?” to “Okay, God, here’s what’s happening. What do you want to teach me from this? Or How are you going to take care of this for me?” Then watch and see what God does.

Focusing on God’s promises instead of life’s problems begins with a mindset. A choice.

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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