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Peaceful Dog

Have you ever watched a dog sleep? Ours loves to roll over on his back and sprawl wide. Peaceful. Content. Totally trusting that he’s safe and won’t get hurt.
I used to live a very fearful life. I still have the tendency to worry at times, but God has healed me from much of that fear. 2020 was confirmation of that for me. While there were moments during the past year I would be afraid temporarily, or I would get discouraged or lose hope, it was…temporary. Soon I was trusting God again, my faith muscle had grown a little bigger, and I was again at peace.
I can honestly say I have had peace much of 2020, and an unwavering peace since November. I know God is working in our lives, I know God cares about the minutest details of our lives, and I know God is working all things for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. That gives me peace.
If you’d like to know the unwavering Peace of Jesus, a person, not a feeling, I’d be happy to share with you how to have your own personal relationship with Him. And I’d be happy to share with you my testimony of how God took me from a life of fear to a life where I trust Him with every aspect of my life.
Watching our dog sleep peacefully without a care in the world reminds me to thank God for the healing He has given to me, and to be grateful I’m living with unwavering peace in a world that’s quite unsettled lately.
© Cheri Swalwell 2021
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