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Sometimes only music will do

At the beginning of the year, I was struggling. I wanted to encourage others in my circle of influence but I had lost my words. I wasn’t mad at God, I still had unwavering peace. I wasn’t hiding from Him either. I simply didn’t have the words to encourage others, or myself. But yet, I wanted to be close to God and the best way I could do that was through …. music. I wanted to obey Him and I knew by offering Him my praise and worship, I would

I began by picking out a song that meant something to me, and texting it to a few friends. I replaced words I wrote to encourage and instead gave them words with a melody, words I sincerely meant but someone else wrote.

Soon it turned into a daily text instead of an occasional text and my family got into it with me. They were suggesting songs, and the variety was awesome.

You know what I found? The songs God would lay on my heart to share for that particular day were the very songs people needed to hear. My friends started texting me back songs as well that were such a blessing to me!

I’m not sure if the enemy wanted to discourage me back in January when my words weren’t coming. I don’t know if he thought I would give up and he would win another battle. Instead, God took my lack of words and turned it into a blessing of a community of Christ followers sharing worship and praise during a time when many still weren’t worshipping in person at church.

Praise and worship music. When I need help with my words, it’s a great place to turn. Music has always spoken to me. During this season, it’s spoken even louder than usual.

How do you feel about music?

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