The Biggest Lesson I Took Away from the Pandemic…

It’s been well over a year since the official start of the pandemic and we’re slowly getting back to normal. Restaurants and other businesses are opening back up and things are beginning to recover.

One lesson I learned from this experience is to savor the moments, big and little, instead of continually allowing life to pass me by “until later.” I’m in an exceptionally busy season of life right now. However, I still am taking intentional time to push back and enjoy my family, my extended family and friends, and take care of my health in order to live without regrets as best as I can.

I’ve been taking daily walks with my family, intentionally, instead of stating I’m too busy or have too much work to do. I’ll always have things on my “to do” list. I won’t always be able to enjoy 15 minutes of hearing my children’s hearts. Both before (and since) the pandemic, I started a tradition of taking the child who is participating in the 13th year, the year before heading off to college, out to breakfast or lunch once a month. They pick the place, we enjoy a couple hours talking and I get to listen to his (or her) heart. I’m ready to start that tradition with child #2 soon and it’s bittersweet. The year will go by fast, but I’ll have no regrets because of choosing to stop and make those memories.

Another example of choosing intentionality is that my friend and I decided to start a podcast. We were thinking about it pre-COVID. We jumped in and published Episode 1 mid-January 2021. It’s been so much fun and is a way to encourage others and point them back to God.

If you’re interested in being encouraged, check out Cheer UP Podcast and see for yourself.

What about you? Is there something you’ve learned from the pandemic experience you’ve traveled? Would you share it with us today?

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