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What Do You See?

Maybe it’s because I’m writing this as winter turns into spring, and it’s felt like a long winter. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling intentional about looking up and appreciating the little (and big moments). Maybe it’s because God has filled me with joy lately and unwavering peace. But I’ve been appreciating so much lately in the form of what I see.

Sunrises and sunsets, each one unique, yet they never fail to amaze me. This morning the sunbeams (which we call Jesus hugs in our family), were pointed up toward Heaven for awhile before turning back toward earth. There’s nothing like Jesus hugs as a reminder that God is watching out for us all the time. He’s always there, waiting to help us when we ask.

I spoke in the last post about being intentional with taking daily walks. Always before if it was raining, that was a great excuse to wait until tomorrow. Not now! We’ve been taking walks in the rain too, and it’s so refreshing. Not only is it pretty to watch the rain splash on the creek, but the smells of rain are so refreshing. And don’t forget how pretty rain sounds when it’s falling. I’m not talking about torrential downpours (although they are pretty too, usually from the safety of inside your house) but gentle rain is so beautiful, and nice to be out in.

What better to look at than those we love? Our spouses, our children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, friends, and pets. Whether we’re seeing their faces every day because we live with them, or over Zoom or through pictures passed back and forth on our phones, the faces of our loved ones are some of the best sights to see.

God has given us so much beauty in nature to appreciate too. All different types of flowers, trees, various shades of green for grass, trees, and bushes, and beautiful shades of colors for flowers, plants, the sky, clouds, and animals themselves. Birds are gorgeous and there are so many different varieties. Even snakes and other creatures truly are beautiful too – turtles, salamanders, and even ticks are exquisite in the way God made them (although I can do without ticks and mosquitoes!)

What are some things you looked up at today and truly admired for their beauty, and then stopped and thanked God for? Please share with us!

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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