What Do You Smell?

I used to take smells for granted. Then COVID hit and some people lost their sense of smell or taste, to get it back a week or so later, while some are still struggling to get it back, or worse yet, their sense of smell has been altered.

Coffee and candles. I love the smell of both. I actually have a candle that smells like coffee and it’s what I light when I start writing “fiction Friday.” That smell takes me to Green Pines, the fictional community for this particular series.

I love the smell of flowers, especially in the spring. Spring flowers smell “fresher,” in my opinion, than summer or fall flowers.

I love the smell of baking bread. Cinnamon rolls, Brownies. Even cookies and cream poptarts in the toaster. They remind me of being together as a family, relaxed evenings (or weekends) together and memories.

There’s nothing like the smell of the ocean, or any body of water. Fresh rain. Someone grilling outside in the summer or a bonfire.

My husband’s cologne is another smell I absolutely love. I actually buy candles that smell like his cologne to remind me of him when he’s at work. One particular perfume of mine reminds me of our wedding and honeymoon.

What are some smells that you love, and why?

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