Powerful Decision … Punishment?

“This is a powerful decision, not a punishment.” Michelle Smith, Recovery is the New Black

I’ve been sharing about my experience with healing from emotional eating. When interviewing Michelle, she made this powerful statement and the truth behind the words resonated with me.

I am choosing to make a permanent change in my life for the better. I’m not being punished by the changes I’m making to my lifestyle, my eating, my exercise, my hobbies and my habits. I’m doing this because I’m choosing the goal of long term good health instead of the fleeting “pleasure” of an unhealthy lifestyle that leaves me with low self esteem, lack of energy, possible comorbidities, and missed opportunities.

Let’s be honest, though. In the moment, sin screams loudly to get our attention. Gluttony and overindulgence of anything is sin. Plain and simple. And it does everything it can to get our attention in the moment and keep our eyes off the goal of good health. That’s when we need to arm ourselves with God’s truth to help us remember we are choosing this decision. It’s not a punishment, it’s part of the journey we are taking to reach our goal.

I’d like to encourage you today as you work toward your goal. Open your Bible and find one or two verses that God is speaking directly into your situation. Memorize them so that when you start to think of your goal as a punishment, you can hit the enemy with God’s truth, reminding yourself this is a powerful decision you chose.

Wanting to get out of debt? There are verses about that. Wanting to be free from depression? There are verses for that. Healthy eating? Reconciliation with your family? There are verses for all of those.

The next time the enemy tries to take you into victim thinking that your goal is a punishment, counter his attack with God’s word and see how quickly you remember His truth. Then thank God for being one step closer to your goal and having won one more battle against the prince of darkness.

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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