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I Need a Preacher Ed

I’ve shared many times over the last few years how what God is willing to do for one of His children, He’s waiting to do for all of His children. All we need to do is ask.

Well, lately I’ve been asking.

I have the privilege of knowing many people in ministry and having a front row seat to watch how God has blessed their faithfulness and their ministries. I love hearing accounts of divine appointments or watching firsthand when God brings specific people into their lives to bless them.

He has done that many times for me in the past, and I love rejoicing with others when it happens for them as well.

Recently I saw how God used what seemed like an ordinary encounter and used it to open some amazing doors for someone I admire. I began having a conversation with God about it. There was no jealousy on my part, but while talking with God about all He had done, and giving Him all the glory, I said to Him, “I need to start praying for my own Preacher Ed.”

And so I did. I need God to open the doors for my ministry the way He has for my friend. God already knows what I need. I’ve been having this conversation with Him for years. However, this time the heart behind my conversation was different. I wasn’t telling God what it should look like. Yes, I was asking for something similar, for my own “Preacher Ed,” but honestly, God already knows that since my ministry looks different than my friend’s, my “Preacher Ed” will look different as well.

My heart has been changed this year. In the past I told God I had surrendered. And I meant it. But the more I learn about true surrender, and the deeper I learn to trust God, the more my prayers change. I listen more because I want to hear God’s voice. I state my need without telling Him the possible solutions I’ll accept or what might work best.

I choose peace after sharing all my feelings with God honestly, knowing now that He will answer the best way, in His time.

That answer might involve my own “Preacher Ed.” It might involve something (or someone) completely different that would be better for me.

All I know is that God is waiting to give a similar blessing to me as to my friend because God gives good gifts to all His children. And because I asked, He’s willing to do for me what He has already done for my friend. In the way that’s best for me. In the timing that’s best for my family, my ministry, my life.

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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