Relax. God is in Control.

Our family went away this past spring for a week. I told my friends it was a time for me to rest my brain and move my body. Not only did my mental health benefit from that break from technology, but it was a chance to get quiet and really hear God.

One thing that He spoke to me about was the issue of control. What I can and cannot control. Not in a mean way. He didn’t yell at me or tell me all the ways I’ve blown it this past year. I honestly really felt like He was pulling me up on His lap and letting me know He cared about my health. He wanted me to focus on letting Him be in control. He wanted me to save my energy instead of trying to control things that really weren’t mine to control in the first place.

Once I heard His message that way, I relaxed. The self-condemnation left and I was able to practice my new “non control” lifestyle. I found that instead of jumping in to answer my kids’ questions, it allowed their dad to give his wisdom (he is wiser than I in many areas). I listened more and encouraged our kids to think about solutions themselves (they are wiser than me in many areas too!).

Our Father has a sense of humor. As He was teaching me this lesson while on vacation, I couldn’t resist buying a shirt with a sloth (one of my favorite animals) that said, “Relax. God is in control. Philippians 4:6-7 as a reminder He’s got us.

After returning home, we were worshipping in church on Sunday, and I panicked. I had been gone for a week. I needed to catch up with two bosses, and both meetings would take longer than normal because of my week off. I debated working on the Sabbath to get ahead and have enough time. But I knew isn’t God’s way. So I bowed my head right then and said to God, “You’ve got this. I’m choosing to relax and let You handle my schedule tomorrow. Working on the Sabbath is not Your way. I’m trusting You to handle this.” Then I went back to worshipping and any time that day I started to worry, I’d remind myself it was God’s problem, not mine.

Monday rolled around and I was ready for two meetings. Neither one happened that day. I had a great day catching up, getting ready for the meetings that both occurred on Tuesday instead. It was probably the easiest transition back from a vacation, ever. All God.

Trying to control things that aren’t my responsibility only harm my health. Choosing to trust God’s schedule for my life and relaxing makes for a more peaceful me.

Let me encourage you today. Relax. God is in control.

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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