My Problem. His Solution

I created a problem. He has the solution.

Remember how I shared I had been running on fumes this past spring? Our family had planned a getaway, and I knew having a chance to get away would help me refresh. During that week long vacation, I chose to stay off social media and I only read half a book. I was intentionally present with my family…and more importantly, with God.

I have talked about in the past how I keep up a running conversation with God throughout the day. That occurred on the trip, but the key that made the difference was I was doing more listening and less talking.

For the past six weeks prior to going away, He had been teaching me it was safe to come to Him with all my feelings – whether I was actively obeying, stubbornly disobeying or asking Him for help. He reinforced that He wasn’t going to turn His back on me. He used gentle conviction instead of harsh condemnation when needed, and He always, always reminded me of His unconditional love for me, His daughter.

For the past six weeks I had heard His unwavering message of love. That got my heart ready for an extended period of time to sit and listen instead of constantly giving Him a list of what I need, how I need it, and when it would be nice for my needs to be met. That experience took what I knew about His truths as head knowledge and transitioned them into heart knowledge.

Along with listening, I started really talking to God. I told Him about the problems I was facing. Instead of giving Him solutions, I thanked Him ahead of time for the solutions I knew He had that would be better. When my mind would go into “fix-it” mode, I’d stop myself and thank Him again, reminding myself His solutions were better and speaking back to Him my confidence in His way, His time, His solution.

And you know what? God always shows up when we put our trust in Him. Always. One example of that centered around the trip itself. My husband asked me in March what I thought about taking an impromptu family vacation in May. There were many reasons why it needed to occur in May, and while I was wondering if we had enough money saved, I felt complete peace that God was blessing this trip and wanted us to go. So I prayed back to Him, “God, one of the words You gave me for this year is Jehovah Jireh, You are our Provider. I am choosing to trust that You will provide the finances, the time off, the schedule for us to enjoy this family vacation.” We took the money we had saved and for the next two months added to it, not completely knowing how much we would need, but trusting God it would be enough.

We went on vacation and had an amazing time. We could feel God’s presence every single day and in every single experience. When we got home I sat down to record the bills against the amount we had saved. God provided with $26 to spare!

Going on vacation isn’t a problem. I realize that. But if God loved our family enough to provide the money we needed for the refreshment we definitely needed, it was tangible proof to this child who used to worry about money way too much that He always has the solution to whatever issues we face. And that was a real faith builder for me.

What is one problem in your life that you need God to show you His perfect solution? Do you trust Him enough that He will provide?

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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