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About the Book

Book: Miracles in the Middle

Author: Debbie Milam

Genre: Christian Living, Inspirational

Release date: December 8, 2021

image0 (1)Do you need a miracle? You are not alone.

Some seasons of life can be so difficult. You may be in the middle of uncertainty, loss, grief, or anxiety.

You and your loved ones may be in the middle of chronic illness, financial issues, relationship struggles.

Whatever you’re struggling with, God knows.

And in the middle of your circumstances, God is there and He’s still creating miracles.

Miracles in the middle of fear.
Miracles in the middle of grief.
Miracles in the middle of unwellness.
Miracles in the middle of relationship struggles.
Miracles in the middle of suffering.

Most people talk about seeing God’s miracles when they have a breakthrough, receive healing, are freed from an addiction, or are victorious on the mountaintop. But what about the miracles that happen in the valley, in the middle of your storm, to in your difficult situation?

That’s where God does extraordinary work. That’s where God’s greatness amazes us when we need it the most.

In my newest book, Miracles in the Middle: I invite you to witness the astonishing miracles that happen in both seasons of blessings and in the depth of suffering. These true stories of God’s presence, power and love will reignite hope and help you develop a deeper intimacy with the Lord.

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About the Author

Debbie Milam is an award-winning occupational therapist, author and past syndicated columnist for United Press International’s Religion and Spirituality Division.

She is the author of Miracles in the Middle, Overtaken by Grace, And God Said and Lord Show Me You Are Here.

Debbie’s ground-breaking work has been featured in First for Women, the Miami Herald, Elle, and Ladies Home Journal, and on the Hallmark Channel, PBS, and WebMD.

Through her 501(c)3 Grace Love Well Foundation, her mission is to inspire people to the beauty, love, power, and presence of God. As an organization we have donated thousands of books to churches, missions work, prisons, pastoral counselors and prayer teams.

For more resources to deepen your intimacy with God and find peace in His presence, visit us online at gracelovewell.org or YouTube/Debbie Milam

More from Debbie

January of 2020, I began a journey of catastrophic health issues as I faced four life-threatening infections, including COVID, which led to being placed on Hospice care. While facing my mortality, I cried out to God and experienced one miracle after another.

Although my body was growing weaker and weaker, my faith, relationship with God, and desire to bring hope to others grew stronger and stronger. While battling severe health issues, I was able to publish this book by God’s grace and a great publishing team.

So many Christians are battling hopelessness, anxiety, and overwhelm. I understand all these feelings and I invite readers to witness the astonishing miracles that happen in both seasons of blessings and the depth of suffering. My true stories of God’s presence, power, and love will reignite hope and help readers develop a deeper intimacy with the Lord.

Author Interview:

What role does God play in your writing career? 

God is the most exquisite part of my writing. Since my kids were babies (29 years ago), I have awakened early – an hour before they did.  I begin each morning in worship, prayer, and meditation.  During this time, I pour out my praise and empty my worries onto the page.  

These morning pages have given birth to a deep intimacy with the Lord.  I then spend a few minutes being still in God’s presence just filling with His love and letting the wisdom of the Holy Spirit wash over me.  In these moments, I am amazed by the revelations, creativity, and wisdom that bubble up. 

All of my writing flows from this space – the space where God dwells, leads, and loves. 

What has been your favorite book that you’ve written? Why?  

I would have to say this new book, Miracles in the Middle is my favorite.  I was facing my mortality from four life-threatening infections including Covid.  I was dependent on the Lord and others for almost everything including my next breath.  I knew there were stories and wisdom I wanted to share with my loved ones and readers about miracles, God’s love, the good that arises out of painful seasons, the comfort of God’s presence and word, and how – by divine design, we were made to be resilient. 

While I could barely pick up a cup, on hospice care and oxygen-dependent, God gave me supernatural creativity and strength to voice record each of these stories.  I was then surrounded by a beautiful team who transcribed my recordings, did the editing, layout, and design. Together, we birthed this book out into the world.

It was so healing because my suffering had a purpose.  This is my most transparent book allowing me to show people that they are not alone in their suffering, and even when it is devastating, overwhelming, and messy, God is right there. 

What is so amazing though is that after almost 18 months of catastrophic health challenges, we finally have an accurate diagnosis, a treatment plan that is working, and I am healing. Glory to God. No doubt, this will lead to the sequel of Miracles in the Middle

What do you enjoy most about writing? 

Writing helps me make sense of my life and gives meaning to the challenging circumstances I face.  A new level of joy arises when others read my books and can see their lives and God’s power in a different way.

Writing feels like a Holy Communion, an act of worship to share with others what God has shown me.  There is so much wisdom to share about God’s love and our resilience – both in the depths of the valley of suffering and in the joy of the mountaintop. 

What projects are you working on currently?

Several years ago, I released an online video Bible study called “God’s Way to Stress Less.”  The purpose of this course is to help people have a deeper intimacy with God, to experience His love, and to learn His ways of peace.  I am taking the lesson plans from that course and putting them out in book form.  

In the season that we’re in right now where there’s so much uncertainty, fear, divisiveness, and grief, I am compelled to share wisdom and ways to help others experience God’s love and peace.  

What’s one way God speaks to you personally in your daily life? 

There are so many, but if I had to pick one, it is discerning the still, gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit from the thoughts in my head.  

What I have seen, and I talk about this a lot in my books, is that as humans, we have a thinking mind, but we also have the mind of Christ.  Learning to discern, attend, attune and trust the wisdom from the Lord has carried me through the most difficult seasons of grief, loss, and illness.  

What’s so exquisite is that the gentle God whispers of wisdom are always there.  Whether in seasons of joy or sorrow.  

There’s nothing special about me. God speaks to each and every one of us in ways we understand. It brings me such joy to help others learn how to experience God’s presence that whispers love-drenched wisdom. 

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