Don’t Forget To Laugh

Proverbs 17:22: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Dishes piled in the sink, bills three feet high, potty training gone wrong, car repairs desperately needed, clothes spilling out of the baskets into the room…can anyone relate? In this crazy world called life, I have a tendency toContinue reading “Don’t Forget To Laugh”

Family Spirit Week

Our children’s elementary school celebrates reading month in March, complete with fun activities every Friday.  Spring Break rides the coattails of that fun experience, giving the kids a week-long break from school to regroup, coming back refreshed and ready to finish the school year strong. That got me thinking – This year, instead of makingContinue reading “Family Spirit Week”

Obstacles or Opportunities

“I have learned to view what others may see as obstacles as my opportunities.”  (Tyler Sexton) Do you ever notice that there are different personality types in the world:  those that see their mistakes as failures and those who view their mistakes as opportunities?  I tend to be very hard on myself, expecting nothing lessContinue reading “Obstacles or Opportunities”

Focused Attention

I had the wonderful opportunity on February 2, 2012, to listen to a fantastic parenting webinar titled Parent It Forward by Life and Career Coach, Kent Julian, who is founder of  He talked about a strategy that has worked for him for years while trying to balance marriage, parenting, career, and activities. I haveContinue reading “Focused Attention”

Life Is Really Messy Sometimes

“One of the most damaging effects of parental permissiveness is making things too easy for a child…When a parent babies a child too much, the parent actually renders that child useless, or at least cripples him or her in one way or another.”  (Dr. Kevin Lehman from The Birth Order Book).   Generally, I doContinue reading “Life Is Really Messy Sometimes”