Thanksgiving is a mindset. Not just a holiday.

For the past few posts we’ve been talking about how to shift our focus from life’s problems to God’s PROMISES. Today I want to talk about the importance of “thanksgiving.” Giving thanks to God before we see the answer isn’t just a nice suggestion. It’s a command. Why you might ask? Simple … thanking GodContinue reading “Thanksgiving is a mindset. Not just a holiday.”

It Begins with a Mindset. A Choice.

Last time we talked about where our focus lies: on life’s problems or God’s promises? You might be wondering … how do I learn to focus on God’s promises since focusing on life’s problems feels easier. There are five things we can do to keep our focus on God’s PROMISES instead of life’s problems. Today…IContinue reading “It Begins with a Mindset. A Choice.”

Where’s Our Focus? Life’s Problems or God’s Promises?

I had the opportunity last summer to share some encouragement at my first speaking engagement. The focus of the message is one I want to share with you over the next few weeks. I asked the women the question that I’m going to ask today: What is Your Focus? Life’s Problems or God’s Promises? WeContinue reading “Where’s Our Focus? Life’s Problems or God’s Promises?”

Celebrate Lit Review for Your Home in Heaven by Donna Wyland and Lynn Marie Davis

About the Book Book:  Your Home in Heaven Author: Donna Wyland and Lynn Marie Davis Genre: Children’s Picture Book Release date: October 2020 Children will delight in God’s promise of heaven as Jesus build their imaginary home In this colorful book that reminds them of his great love. Your Home in Heaven… Teaches about God’sContinue reading “Celebrate Lit Review for Your Home in Heaven by Donna Wyland and Lynn Marie Davis”

About the Book Book:  The Purple Nightgown Author: A.D. Lawrence Genre: Christian Historical Suspense Release date: March, 2021 Marvel at true but forgotten history when patients check into Linda Hazzard’s Washington state spa in 1912 and soon become victim of her twisted greed.Book 10 in the True Colors series—Fiction Based on Strange-But True History Heiress Stella Burke is plaguedContinue reading