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I Want to Know Jesus …

I want a relationship with Jesus …

Would you like to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association makes it quick and simple using 4 easy steps. You can find out more about these 4 easy steps and accepting Jesus into your heart by clicking here.

If you’d like to know more about Jesus Christ and/or Salvation, please click here.

If you’ve prayed the prayer from above, let me be the first to say, “welcome to the family!” I want to encourage you to tell someone about this momentous decision you made today.

Are you wondering “what’s next?” I know I’m going to Heaven, but what’s next now? Here comes the exciting part! It’s time to get to know Jesus through a relationship with Him.

Joining a Bible-believing church is a great way to grow, learn more about God, and build community.

JESUS in the EVERYDAY membership was created to help people grow their relationship with God at their own pace while being part of a bigger community as well. You can check out the details of how to join here.

I would love to hear about your decision to join the family of God. Feel free to email me:

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