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Matthew 19:26

This website was designed to help inspire and encourage women in all areas of life. Maintaining a balance between relationships, responsibilities, and oftentimes a career is one of the most challenging aspects of a woman’s life in today’s world.

My desire is to help women connect with others sharing the same life stage, encourage those who are trying to balance it all, and have fun while doing it. So sit back, relax, and let’s chat.

Do you see JESUS in the EVERYDAY, the big events as well as the quiet moments?

JESUS in the EVERYDAY is a way to keep God at the center of your life. With all the bad news surrounding us, this is a place where you can focus on seeing Jesus in day-to-day moments.

These daily bursts of inspiration ultimately will remind you of God’s promises when the world tries to get you to dwell on life’s problems.

For less than a dollar a day, you’ll be filled up all month long. The encouragement you will find from JESUS in the EVERYDAY is meant to be a starting point in your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


With your JESUS in the EVERYDAY monthly membership, you’ll get:

Weekday Prayer and Worship
Saturday Inspiration
Sunday Praise and Worship
Never-before-published monthly mini-devotionals
Access to the weekly Cheer UP Podcast
A Portion of your membership will help support local and global missions
Bonus surprises throughout the year … because, why not?


Are you discouraged? Weary? Do you need encouragement?

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