Do you enjoy reading faith-based stories where God turns messes into miracles?
Here are some stories you can escape into today!

Want to enjoy a short story right now?

Have you read Adventure’s Invitation yet? Ever wondered how Jeremy met Maria? Meeting up with the Camp Counselor is a short, sweet novella that tells their story. Meet Roman, Maria’s brother, and Bear, Jeremy’s search and rescue dog, and head out on an adventure of a lifetime with a story that you’ll remember long after the last page!

Meeting Up with the Camp Counselor

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What readers have to say about The Redemption of Green Pines:

“This book was absolutely amazing. The characters had extreme depth, I cried, and laughed both while reading this amazing book. It is a story of someone who experiences loss that is so significant, but uses her love of the Lord to help her navigate it. All I can say is this is the best book I’ve read this year.” Dana, Amazon reviewer

This is a story of redemption and finding your way through faith and those you surround yourself with...There are a lot of subjects that are tackled that can bring up a plethora of emotions for the reader, but the author does a masterful job of handling them with such heart, which evoked my own deep, personal emotions and bonded me to this story even more. This is a Contemporary Christian Fiction and faith is at the forefront, as it should be, but it’s not pushed on the reader but fleshed out in the most beautiful way, as grace should do. The writing is captivating and though there are some tough subject matters that are touched on it never felt heavy or burdensome. There are also some lighthearted moments that made me smile, giving the story a great balance. I can see this touching the youth and adult readers alike with its powerfulness and recommend this for anyone who loves a story that is full of heart and grace.Christi F, Amazon reviewer

The Redemption of Green Pines Series


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