What is that I See?

Psalm 19:1: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

A beautiful sunrise, a baby’s first smile, the sun shining through trees against a backdrop of newly fallen snow, the multi colors of autumn leaves, the different shades of green mixed together in the summertime trees, leaves, and grass, the way the sun reflects off a lake or the way waves ripple in the wind, the way the stars twinkle at night or the way the harvest moon lights up the sky…These are just a few of the different sights that I am so thankful I get to experience. 

My children and I have a ritual.  When we are waiting outside for the school bus very early in the morning, we love to look for the sunrise.  It is usually different every morning – a different shade of pink or yellow or a combination of colors mixed together, clouds on some days but not others, and so forth.  We always stop and thank God for his beautiful art work that feels like it is made just for us.  Even our littlest one, who still does not talk very much, knows how to say, “Thank you, God.”  We even have our neighbor adding to our adventure.  One morning he pointed out a beautful spider web that was spun during the night from our ornamental grass up to the electric wire.  I missed it entirely but when he showed it to us, I was amazed with how a spider could spin such a delicate, intricate web. 

For me, it is hard not to stop and look at nature without praising and thanking God for all the beautiful colors, different shades, and gorgeous designs that He has created just for our benefit.  Really, if He had chosen to make the world in black and white, would we have known any differently?  I think to myself, if Earth is this beautiful, how much better will Heaven be some day with its colors and different varieties?

So, today, I challenge you to look at the world a little differently.  Take time to notice the small things – the different varieties of flowers, the different shades of green in trees, or how the cardinals and blue jays look with a backdrop of trees or snow.  And please do not forget to thank God for caring enough about us to take the time to create beauty just for our enjoyment.

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  1. I love this one! You have such a way with words! My family notices the sunsets… Addi commented just the other night on the way home, “Look at the beautiful sunset mommy!” I have always told my kids that no one could deny that God exists is they truly took time to looke at creation… I love landscapping and am amazed at God’s works of art in flowers especially… only God could create such beautiful things for us to enjoy! Thank you Lord! 🙂 Melissa

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