Opposite World Thinking

“When we pray, God hears more than we say, answers more than we ask, gives more than we imagine…in His own time and in His own way”

(Unknown author).


The world teaches us to be self-reliant, to work hard to reap rewards, and it’s okay to use others or let our values lapse “just this once” while climbing the corporate ladder.  The world tries to falsely convince us it’ll somehow all work out in the end.

God’s view is opposite thinking.  He also wants us to work hard, but as it says in Psalm 127:1, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”  God wants us to take action, after first consulting His plans, His timing, His purpose.  Once we’re sure that our desires line up with His word, then He wants us to work hard, but leave room for His outcome.  He wants us to use the Bible as our guide regarding how to work.  While the world says it’s okay to use people to get ahead, God says to love others as we love ourselves.

The world admires people who are making their mark in this world, even if it means their family or other important relationships become a casualty.  If we work hard using the principles God outlines of keeping Him our first priority, family next, and then work-related activities in their proper place, we too can reap the benefits of a fulfilling, successful life, usually with a peace that otherwise escapes those whose priorities are out of line.

I find for myself when I concentrate on beginning my day by reading from God’s Word, the rest of my day flows better.  I’m reminded of how God wants me to live my life and it’s easier to ignore or keep the world thinking in its proper place.  God is a God of love and the commands He gives me to live by are for my benefit, not to punish me or make my life miserable.  When I keep my priorities in the right order, then I’m able to have a great relationship with my family and be successful at work.  When I don’t try and get ahead by pushing other people down, I sleep better at night since I have no guilt keeping me awake.

I want to encourage you today to try God’s opposite world thinking if you haven’t already put it into practice.  With the God of the Universe in charge of your decisions and choosing to follow His path, you might find yourself with a little less stress and a lot more peace.

© 2013 Cheri Swalwell

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  1. Just wanted to chime in and say very nice job on your blog. I for one mostly agree with what you are saying and hope to see more of your posts in the near future.

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