Do You Have a Minute? – Part II

“Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’” Matthew 22:37 (NIV).


So how did I succeed embracing the interruptions in life instead of letting life dictate what happened? First, I prayed and asked God to help realign my priorities with His. Just as some people are born to have a career, I’ve always had a deep desire to stay home and raise our family.  But, I’d need to juggle some form of a career while having that privilege. I’m blessed to have a steady income while working toward a career that was more in line with my gifts and talents. However, at times, this transition phase was crazy! My heart wanted one-on-one talks and dates with my husband, but I was met with deadlines and turn-around- times that left me exhausted. I spent more quality time with work than with those I worked to provide for.

Once I prayed and asked God for a solution to my insane schedule, I waited. I continued to work to the best of my ability, and praised God for a solution, as I knew He would give it in His time. The answer began sooner than I thought and certainly not in the way I expected. I love God’s sense of humor!

In addition, while I waited for God to direct me His way, I began to have a heart change. I realized I needed to change the way I viewed life. I needed to embrace the interruptions, because, in actuality, some of life’s greatest moments occur when we least expect it. Letting work sit for a few more hours so I could enjoy a lunch date with my mom; agreeing to tackle a home project with my daughter while she shared with me some struggles; or popping some popcorn, picking a movie, and snuggling up as a family for a night of laughs. These were some of the things I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy because I was too busy checking off my “to do” list. It took me realizing how replaceable I am at work and irreplaceable with those I love to see the reality of how misplaced my priorities had become.

I thanked God He gave me the desire to obey Him and that He helped make possible the shift I needed to realign my priorities in the correct order.

Does this mean I automatically get it right all the time? No! There are still deadlines and responsibilities that loom large. However, when I put God first and ask for His help to juggle work, finances, and other tasks, I’m rewarded with a pleasant surprise. I actually enjoy life’s interruptions because that means I’m living the life God intended.

© 2013 Cheri Swalwell





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  1. Cherie, Thank you for your posts and reminding us of our priorities. I am cancer free now and on a 2 week vacation in the mountains of North Carolina and praying and thinking about and enjoying life. I look forward to getting with you when I return. Thanks for your prayers. Hugs and love Kathy Ragla

    1. Praising God with you that you are cancer free! Enjoy your vacation and taking time to take care of yourself. Can’t wait to get together when you get back! Blessings – love you too!

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