Failure or Success? Part I

“(God) made us be born as little kids who can’t walk or talk or even use a bathroom correctly.  We have to be taught everything…The whole thing is designed so we try again and again until we finally get it right.  And the whole time He (God) is endlessly patient” (Bob Goff, Love Does).

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When I read the above statement, it really hit me hard. I am a recovering perfectionist. I try to remember that mistakes don’t equal failure. The more mistakes I make, the closer I come to succeeding if I don’t give up. I’ll learn more from making mistakes, probably, then I would if I mastered things effortlessly. Despite all that wonderful head knowledge, when I make a mistake, I automatically consider myself a failure.

Do you ever find yourself feeling that way? When you make a mistake – in a relationship, at work, ruin dinner (or is that just me?)? Do you beat yourself up over and over and over and over?

I don’t think God wants us to react that way. In fact, I would take it one step further and say I think it hurts God’s heart when we describe ourselves using words like “failure.” I say that because He’s our Father, and I know as a mom, my heart hurts when any of my children berate themselves while in the process of growing. I also ache when I watch a friend or loved one rehash a painful conversation, an unwise decision, or the consequences from deliberate disobedience.

Come back next time when we use the Bible to discover more about what really defines failure and success.

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