God only gives the BEST!

In order for God to bring blessings into our lives, sometimes He has to get rid of some things to make room for what He wants to give us.

Our family started saying goodbye last fall to things God wanted us to get rid of.  We are beginning to see some of the blessings God wanted to give. If we hadn’t been obedient and allowed those things to leave, we wouldn’t be able to say “hi” to the blessings that are coming.



Even when good things come, saying goodbye can still be hard.  Just remember…when we’re God’s children, He doesn’t want “enough” for His kids.  He holds out for the BEST!

Our BEST hasn’t come yet…but I have faith it’s still coming!  And I’m learning enjoy the journey along the way.

What BEST has God brought to you?  What have you had to say goodbye to in order to make room for His BEST?

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