Blessed Beginnings – Part II

“God wants all of us – our past, present and future. The mistakes we’ve made and the mistakes we are still going to make.”


Last time we were together I spoke about how God was teaching me three very valuable lessons as He is taking me through the growth of breaking free from food addiction. The first lesson I learned was God wants me to be honest. Coming to Him with my desire for change even when I don’t have the strength to make the changes, yet, is a great first step, one that He is proud of. While I was focused on my weaknesses, feeling condemned, God was focused on my heart and my desire to obey despite falling short too many times to count.

Today I want to talk about another lesson that spoke directly to my soul. I realized that God loves all of me – which includes the mistakes I’ve made in the past as well as the mistakes I’ve yet to make. I wasn’t deliberately leaving out the food issue but figured until I’d started making progress in this area, I really shouldn’t talk about it. However, as with the blog I wrote titled Truth Brings Freedom, I’m realizing that unless I’m willing to come completely clean with God regarding my strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between, real freedom will never be possible.

It was refreshing to be reminded that while God wants me to confess the mistakes I’ve made, never to be made again, He wants me to bring Him all my failures…even the ones (or maybe especially the ones) I’m still struggling with. I will never, in my own strength, be able to find genuine healing without first laying it all down at the cross. Not in a shameful way. Not as a means to be judged harshly or condemned or pointed out as a bad example for others not to follow. No. Instead the picture that now plays in my mind is one of grace. A loving Father who invites me to bring Him my baggage, all of it, and give it over to Him to take care of.




Is it possible He will ask me to do my part? Yes. As spoken about in And Your Job Is… God calls us to do our part, but with the knowledge that He paid the price, He brings the healing, and because of Him I can have lasting freedom. But not without first being honest with myself and bringing all of it to Him.

I’ll admit. There’s a part of me that’s a little scared that what He’ll ask me to do will be something I don’t like, or don’t want to do. There’s another part of me that’s afraid I’m not ready to make the steps needed to make changes that will last. However, most of me feels at peace. I’ve undergone a mental shift these past two years. My desire is to grow closer to God and that means giving Him access to every area of my life. Some of the changes He asks of me may be difficult, but He does so in order to present to me the blessings He’s patiently held onto until I was ready to accept them. Change is hard, but as He’s shown me through examples in the Bible and through my own life, lasting change is possible when done His way.

Join me next time for the last lesson I learned which coordinates closely with this one.

© Cheri Swalwell 2014


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