Within the last month, I have listened to two families’ heartache as they have buried their gone-too-soon daughters. I have ached for two other families who have tried to find a “new normal” after losing their six-month-old son and would have been one year this month daughter. My heart hurts for my friend who still misses her two children who wait for her in Heaven: A daughter born still and a son who died at the tender age of four. I also pray for another friend who grieves a second pregnancy that resulted in death when instead she should be celebrating the life of that child this month.

Life is hard and sometimes it just plain hurts! While I can’t stop these things from happening, God prompted me to take the stories of 13 courageous men and women and put them between the cover of Hope During Heartache to offer hope to those who are hurting. And, to make it easier for each of you who want to help those who are hurting but don’t know how, I’ve decided to make Hope During Heartache a little easier to order – to give to your friend who is hurting, a family member who needs hope, or maybe to read yourself so you can understand what your friend or loved one may be feeling after they lose their child.


Hope During Heartache: 

True Stories of Emotional Healing from Infertility, Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Death of a Child

Hope During Heartache

Available at:  Amazon –

(Paperback and eBook)

Special price of $10.47 from now until Monday, December 1st for paperback.  

Still great price of $4.97 for Kindle


As one reviewer stated on Amazon, “I finally understand! I finally get it!!!…I…listened to her story and was sad with her, but did not fully understand…the loss of a child until I read this book. I now am able to feel how very difficult it is to lose a child due to a miscarriage, still birth or death after birth.” By Happy Mama

Here is a chance for you to offer the gift of hope to a hurting friend or loved one this Christmas.  Whether that special person in your life has lost a child years ago or recently, this book may help them realize they aren’t alone.

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