Stepping Into the Darkness

“…Moses stepped into the deep darkness because God was there. It’s the mystery part of following God. I feel like that is what we’re doing now. Instead of pulling back in fear, we’re stepping into the deep darknes of the unknown future…And the reason we’re doing it is because we know God is already there and more than anything, we want to be with Him.” (Robin Jones Gunn, Forever With You)

I’ve been discussing trials a lot lately.  You might be getting tired of hearing about them.  But I learned another truth about myself throughout this present journey.  I would rather step into the darkness where God is than travel a well-lit path on my own.

Like everyone, if you’re alive, you’ve had trials in one form or another throughout your life.  In the past, I’ve tried to do it through my own strength and my own “smarts.”  I may not have realized exactly that’s what I was doing but I definitely know I didn’t stop at the beginning of the trial, ask God to take charge, and then follow through by listening to (and for) His voice the entire way.  I would pray and ask for His help, but then would try to get things done, thinking my way was best or worse yet, thinking that my way was really His way and inviting Him into my plan instead of asking for His plan.




However, I find comfort in the above verse…stepping into the darkness where God is.  A perfect illustration of this occurred when we first brought our new puppy home.  He had come from a pet store so everything involving “home” was new to him.  It was quite funny to see his reaction to a collar, leash, and even something simple like steps or a couch.  He was nervous, scared and only felt reassurance or comfort if he was touching us.  Throughout the weeks we’ve had him home, he has relaxed and begun to see his new home as an adventure, something to get excited about instead of something to fear and while he will wander away for a short time, he is happiest when he can be touching us.

That is how I feel with God.  Trials aren’t something I ask for but they are a reality in this life.  The longer we live, the more trials will cross our paths.  I don’t believe that God gives us trials as punishment but I do believe God uses trials to help us mature.  I’ve done trials in life both ways – with and without God.  And I’m a living testimony when I say I would much rather step into the darkness with God, trusting His way as the right way, than to live life trial free without Him.

Just like our puppy, I’m much happier when I’m touching God, doing life His way than when I’m trying to do life on my own.  I’m so thankful to have a loving Heavenly Father who wants me to cling to Him…every step of the way.

© Cheri Swalwell 2015




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